Major Strengths

Quatron Steel Vietnam JSC acquires in-house engineering expertise to handle any design and steel structure within our scope of production. Thanks to indoor training facility as well as our strong tie with first-class engineering firms worldwide, Quatron Steel Vietnam JSC possesses the essential flexibility and capacity, able to carry out even the most complex steel structures in the world. Our available structures may vary from a complete 100% all steel structure to steel/concrete composite design which ever give more economy.

In House United States Registered Professional Engineer.

Project Management

Once the project is signed, it will be immediately handled by professional and dedicated project engineers. The engineers will do all the coordination work between the client and the company’s various internal departments in order to ensure smooth and timely execution of the project .

Weekly reports are given to clients about the progress status of their projects.

All customer requests for changes are handled through project management once a project contract is signed.

Project management team makes sure the client demands are met in thoughout all the departments of the company from engineering to quality control in manufacturing until the final product is shipped.

Product Packing and Transportation

Quatron Steel Vietnam is ready to supply and deliver steel structure of various designs to any country in the world, right at the request of our customer.

When the goods are already loaded to trucks or containers, a packing list will be generated and copies be sent along with the shipment for further checking on site upon arrival. 

Container's loading platforms are pre-loaded and then the whole load is stuffed into dry containers and ready for picking up by trucks. The complete loading process only takes minutes before the delivery is started


Composite Slab Design

The Composite Slabs type of construction is structurally efficient because it exploits the tensile resistance of the steel and the compressive resistance of concrete.





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